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10 Most Googled Questions On Calligraphy.

Every year, Google releases their “Search On” video recapping the most searched for things in the previous year. I don’t know how they can make 2 minutes so emotional. But they do. They are Google after all.

Then I found you can actually search for top Googled questions according to category. Crazy! Here are my answers for the top 10 questions asked about calligraphy in 2019. For all you creatives Googling …. Search on!

1. Are Calligraphy Pens easy to use?

The traditional calligraphy pens may take some practice getting used to because they are entirely different than the pens/pencils you learned to write with. With time, instruction and practice it will get easier!

2. What are Calligraphy Pens called?

In general, they can be referred to as “calligraphy pens”. However, there are also many different types of writing tools you can use to create lettering with. When someone says, “calligraphy pen”, they may be referring to a marker, brush pen, or even a fountain pen. So it helps to be specific!

The traditional pen for calligraphy is dipped in ink as it is prepared to be used for writing. There are two main parts to the calligraphy pen. The holder, (which you hold…) and the nib (which is the interchangeable tip that you dip or brush with ink). Holders also come in two formats! Straight: in which the nib is placed forward facing on the pen. OR Oblique: In which the nib is placed in an angled port. I know that was a lot. See below for a helpful picture!

3. What are Calligraphy Pens used for?

Calligraphy pens are writing tools used to create the written art of calligraphy.

4. What are Calligraphy Fonts?

There are many fonts which fall into the category of calligraphy that may surprise you! While one may think only fonts resembling “cursive” are calligraphy that’s actually not true. Traditional fonts such as Gothic and Italic are actually calligraphy as well! These can be designed using a broad edge nib. If you want to research a specific font there are many resources online to investigate its calligraphic origins.

5. What are Calligraphy Markers?

Calligraphy markers are writing tools designed create calligraphy styles with marker tips. There are broad edge markers and also brush markers designed to help achieve different styles. These markers are great to have on the go and helpful as you begin to learn calligraphy. Lots of ‘Modern Calligraphers’ choose this writing tool to create their interpretations of calligraphy.

Take note though, many styles cannot be mastered with the markers alone. The precision and versatility of the traditional calligraphy pen and ink cannot be replaced by a marker.

6. What are Calligraphy Nibs?

Calligraphy nibs are metal tips which attach to the calligraphy holder and carry the ink on the pen. There are many different calligraphy nibs, including broad edge, and pointed. Each is designed to be used while creating different styles. Testing out and researching them to find which are your favorite is helpful!

7. You are Calligraphy?

I don’t even know how to answer this one. I'm stumped. LOL.

8. Can Calligraphy Ink and Pen be used for Tattoos?

Although some calligraphy pen nibs are pointed, they are NOT created to puncture the skin. Please don’t try!!! If you desire to learn the art of tattooing, please refer to a tattoo instructor or manual for health and safety.

9. Can Calligraphy Improve your Handwriting?

Yes! The practice of this art can help to improve your handwriting with time. It can be also used as a meditation practice to unwind and slow down!

10. Can Calligraphy be a Career?

Calligraphy can become a career! Just as in any career, it will take work. It takes time to build our clientele and lots of practice to create precision of work and variety of styles. If this is something you are considering pursuing, I recommend being patient as your practice grows! Best of luck!

I hope this has helped! If you have any other questions pertaining to calligraphy I would be happy to chat! You can email them directly to

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