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The Easiest Social Media Detox (Anyone Can Do!)

In our ever increasing quick paced "ME" centered society it's pivotal to have a healthy relationship with technology in order to remain balanced and live a centered life. I have put together a beginner 4 day detox that anyone can do!


DAY 1. Turn off Push notifications.

Push notifications consistently draw your attention back to Social Media. Their entire purpose is to P U S H you back to scrolling even if you didn't intentionally want to be there. Turning these off is a great first step to a healthy social media habit!

DAY 2. Resist reaching for SM first thing in the morning.

According to Pshycology Today, your brain is naturally more impressionable when first waking up. This is partially because you are awakening your body from it's Responsive Mode in which in which your body & mind are at rest in their most restorative phase. This is why what you do first thing in the morning is extremely important. Using the first five minutes to center your mind on truth & gratitude can change your mood for hours.

There's a reason reaching for your phone made it to Business Insider Top 7 things NOT to do when first waking up. Julie Morgeastern author of "Never Check Email in the Morning", says it's because you could potentially be bombarded with issues as soon as you wake up. This is also true while scrolling through SM such as Twitter because in all honesty who knows what Donald Trump could have done through the night. We don't need that shocker attaching to your subtle mind first thing in the AM.

Day 3. Opt out of using your phone during ALL meals.

I know reaching for your phone every ding & alert is tempting but challenge yourself to stay present and connect with those who are joining you for your meals. An even bigger challenge is to eat one meal today by yourself and stay off your phone. The phone has become what I call our "Socially Acceptable Security Blanket". Shed this by eating your meal in uninterrupted peace try: studying your surroundings, reading, thinking, and enjoying your company!

DAY 4. Don't take your phone to the bathroom.

Wait what? Don't act like you don't do this. Don't bring your phone to the restroom with you to avoid spending longer in the tub or toilet than necessary.


Read the Referenced Psychology Today Article Here

by Rick Hanson, PHD

Read the Referenced Business Insider Article Here

by Shana Lebowitz

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