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About three months ago, I challenged myself to a week long technology detox I called #getunbusy. It ended with a day of no technology. Talk about a #cultureshock. I didn't know that this silly challenge would 1.) Be SO DARN DIFFICULT, and 2.) lead me to a conviction that would shape the way I view social media, technology & ultimately start me on a path to more holistic living.


My Working Definition of Holistic Living - Living in a manner which intentionally lessens our attachment to things that erode our focus from the art of remaining present for the purpose of connecting to the beauty that surrounds us, and most importantly to our Spiritual Creator.

In case you didn't catch it, the bold words sum it up as,

"Living intentionally for the purpose of connecting."


Since the detox, I have begun turning my phone/tv off completely once a week. A friend of mine said, "We don't realize that these things [phones] have virtually become an extension of our hands ... we never put them down" It's so true. Repeatedly making the decision to go against the culture of "reliance" on technology was extremely difficult at first, but each week it becomes easier ~ and has become something that I look forward to. A day to pause, disconnect and reflect.

Here are three things I have learned in the first 3 months of detoxing -

1.) Disconnecting from technology has provided me with unexpected rest.

I am the type of person that is obsessed with productivity, not waisting time, and having purpose for everything. I believe, this is one of the main reasons I usually cannot rest midday. Disconnecting with technology has allowed me to surprisingly be able to take a nap, feel rested & become more productive during other hours.

2.) More often than not "it" can wait.

Often, I have found myself wanting to get ahold of someone because I think I need to know - what they are doing, when they will be here, what's taking so long, etc. ect. I have found that often the things I "need" to know are more often things I "want" to know. What I want to communicate to others in many instances can wait & this has helped me connect on a deeper level to the moment I am actually in.

3.) It has reminded me that the way to initiate change, is first adopting it into your own life.

For years, I have ranted about how people are always on their phones, how social media is diluting face to face connections ~ HOW I HATE TV! haha.... Ok ok, I digress. My point is, I have done plenty of ranting, and it has made absolutely no difference. However, since I have continued this change in my own life it has naturually started healthy conversation about technology/life balance.

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